Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Hail the Great Uniter...

Giving credit where credit is due, our Celebrity in Chief reads one hell of a speech.

Very presidential.

As if for a singular moment in time, the ‘Great Uniter’ lived up to his billing ~ asking for cooler heads to prevail and calling for an end to divisive, partisan speech.

If just for a moment, it seemed the President remembered that he was the leader of a country instead of the leader of radicalized wing of a once-proud party.

Obama is undoubtedly a skilled orator and the words were adroitly crafted – there was only one problem.

I didn’t listen to the speech, I read it.

You see, I suffer from OSIRS (Obama Speak Induced Reflux Syndrome). For some reason, whenever I hear the president speak, the regurgitation reflex is overwhelming – so for the sake of my esophagus, I have taken to reading transcripts instead. (Truth be told, I suffered from a similar malady under ‘W’. His justification of needing to ‘sacrifice free market principles in order to save it’ caused significant esophageal erosions..)

The problem with reading speeches instead of listening to them is that you miss the little things, like:

  • Jan Brewer getting booed
  • Frantic cheering throngs
  • People shouting ‘we love you’
  • And….T-Shirts..

Of Course, POTUS can’t be held responsibility for stupid people ~ boorish snots who boo the governor (at a memorial service), a thunderously clapping mass of humanity (at a memorial service) or people shouting ‘we love you’ (….at a memorial service). Nope, the president gets a pass on those actions – but that’s as far as it goes.

Location, location, location. Maybe it’s just me, but perhaps the choice of venue was flawed? I dunno, maybe a place of worship might have been more appropriate, given the quoting of scripture and evocation of the name of God on several occasions? Perhaps a more somber setting would have been better if one were serious about being….serious.

Perhaps I am being too harsh. Its not like such events have not been held in similar venues before. Hmmm….whatever could have been the difference?


Together We Thrive” was a retread from Obama’s website ‘Organizing for America’. Seriously? T-Shirts? Did they have a beach-balls bouncing around in the crowd and a light show too?

And just like that, a memorial service was transformed into a 2012 campaign rally and the hopes that our president was finally turning into something honorable was dashed....and I looked a wee bit closer.

Instead of an ‘Oklahoma City’ moment in which a president could be seen reconnecting with the country after a brutal mid-term defeat, the week’s events instead revealed a hyper-politicized, partisan exercise in hateful, purposeful stupidity, slander and opportunism.

If Obama really wanted to cool tempers he would have done so as soon as the rhetoric heated up. Remember the ‘let’s not jump to conclusions’ narrative after the Ft. Hood massacre? Instead, the president let his attack dogs loose (I suppose when the verbal targets are your political enemies, then the truth can be a casualty as well) and the results were predictable.

And it all started with the sheriff (and here I thought those guys were into the whole law-enforcement thing). According to Dupnik (or Sheriff Roscoe P. EffTard, as I lovingly call him) “There is no doubt in my mind” that Loughner was affected by rhetoric (e.g., Limbaugh, Palin, Tea Pariters, although he freely admitted he had no evidence of such. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

The fact that our red-thong-clad-with-handgun-wielding-psychotic-murderer was bat-shit crazy was apparently irrelevant to Dupnik (as well as the MSNBC talking heads, the NYT, the pitiful excuse for democratic congressional leadership [to include our illustrious Secretary of State])

Just for funzies, lets look at a few of the clearly hard right influences / hobbies of Loughner:

  • Truther: God only knows how many conservative truthers are out there… tens of thousands at least.
  • Athiest: Whoops, shouldn’t have said ‘God’ above. Those damn righties are known for their refusal to recognize the possibility of a supreme being
  • Pothead: I know I like to wax poetically about Bush’s complicity in 9/11 while smoking a fattie
  • Music Influences: Duh. Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ is probably on Palin’s iPod!

(disclaimer: couldn’t care less in one’s faith or lack thereof, recreational drug use, political conspiracy beliefs or music tastes…and ‘Bodies’ is actually on my ‘favorites’ playlist on my iPod…)

Did I mention Sarah Palin? Because the media sure did! Over and over and over and over and over (and over). Why? Because of voting ‘targets’ incite violence? The White House and the media was dry humping its collective leg over the thought of finding some form of Palin-paraphernalia in Loghner’s possession (not that there was any). So desperate were they to pin some form of blame on either her or the Tea Party that they abandoned any hope of reason or fact checking…. and the president sat by and let the anger foment. As Michelle Malkin put it, a strategy was in place…and it is called, ‘Blame Righty’.

Malkin does a wonderful job of not only chronicling the history of falsely blaming the ‘right’ for any number of tragic events (ever notice that the media never blames the actual shooter, but instead drones on about ‘vitriolic influences’ or some such nonsense? Personal accountability being passé’ and all…) she also chronicles blatant left on right ‘hate crimes’, but I again digress.

The media / democrat / stupidity brigade continued to target Palin and the Tea Party for ‘angry rhetoric, and the use of gun-speak (targets, reload, blah, blah’ all the while forgetting such presidential gems as:

  • ‘If they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun’
  • ‘Get in your neighbor’s face’
  • ‘Punish our enemies’ (in reference to conservatives)

The list goes on. Other Dems have also used such languaging in the past (as have Republicans for that matter). One congressional Democrat ran an add of him (gasp) shooting a copy of proposed ‘Cap and Tax’ legislation…. Oh the horror!

Predictably, Palin took the bait. In a very nice speech, where she too showed her skill in teleprompter reading happened to use the term ‘Blood Libel’…. and then it was on. Despite the backing of such notable / knowledgeable liberal thinkers such as Alan Dershowitz as to the correctness of the term, Palin was instantly branded as ignorant, stupid and quite possibly anti Semitic for the use of the term. This, of course, was just useful collateral damage for the president and media allies. Truth and fact were irrelevant. The feeding frenzy went unabated.

And then….

The Great Uniter came.

He read a great speech.

And we all held hands and sang Kumbaya (all the while, oil climbed near $100 per barrel and the economic news remains just north of wretched and our debt ceiling climbed to $14 trillion….but darn it anyway, at least NOW we have civil discourse!) Pesky 1st Amendment…screw it.

Predictably, after the ‘Defining Moment’ of Obama’s career, the presidential kneepads were again issued to the press corps. All hailed the Great Uniter. My favorite of these ‘pieces’ was an article written by Dan Balz in the Washington Post, ‘As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division’. No, it wasn’t Oklahoma City and Laughner wasn’t McVeigh, but that wont stop the media from trying to make it so.

I think my friend, the Professor said it best:

"So THIS is what it takes for President Obama to finally visit Arizona or the Tucson border corridor. After countless invitations from the least citizen on up to the governor herself. THIS is what i...t takes to visit a state where kidnapping, murder, and rape even of children is an ongoing and daily horror.

"But it's profitable. It's only Mexicans affected, right? And some right-wingers who get upset? Obama ignored those invitations. Because it might make him look bad - so bad, that he'd have to act like a leader..

"But now that daily horror and tragedy doesn't involve some redneck rancher, or some Mexican, but instead a public official - I guess we all agree the President looked pretty good on Wednesday."

Eff him and eff how good he sounded.
Eff healing.
I don't see anything healed that this President is in a position to affect.
Just more Oprah shit.

So, let us rejoice in the possibility of our lawmakers sitting together at the State of the Union address (and gee, ya can't even tell how many less Democrats there are that way) and enjoy 'civil discourse'! After all, it was the right speech (at the wrong place...and the wrong time...but still, 1 out of 3 is a 33.3% improvement over his normal performance average)


'All Hail The Great Uniter'

Monday, November 1, 2010

To Ourselves and Our Posterity

Once upon a time, brave and wise men stood up against tyranny. They did not view themselves as revolutionaries but conservatives. They were not demanding new freedoms but only asserting the rights guaranteed to them as Englishmen. And through these struggles, the United States of America was eventually born.

Today, 'conservatives', 'patriots' or whatever label they are branded are in revolt against a different crown - sadly, it is a crown of our own making. A crown that has grown more bloated and corrupt year by year, administration by administration. Not inherently due to a (D) or (R) in front of their name but rather for the underlying (P) - progressivism. The belief that centralization of power is good and that the political/intellectual elite are wiser and better able to deal with our own problems than we - the oft-failed belief that a benevolent dictator is favorable to freedom

Celebrity and charisma is a poor substitute for leadership.
Demagoguery and the politics of division can no longer be allowed to hold sway.
We can ill-afford to 'pull (a lever) and pray' anymore - leaders must be held accountable for actions. Those who gain power by the growth of the machine cannot be trusted to unblinkingly maintain it
The bloated and corrupted apparatus that is government must be restored to the engine of freedom it once was

We wont be hung for treason in the attempt – instead, the IRS will be dispatched upon us
The Crown's army will not march in the streets – but a Legion of bureaucrats and regulators will descend upon us like a plague of locusts stripping us of individual liberties and freedoms - decimating the fruits of our labors
There will be no ‘One if by Land, Two if by Sea’ – now we have ‘One if by Bailout, Two if by Social Programs’

Once our forefathers took a stand to assert their rights as Englishmen
Today, we take as stand to assert our rights as Americans, as established in the Constitution – and as before, not just for ourselves but our posterity.

Ask yourselves, what sort of America will we leave them?
The battle may begin with an election tomorrow – but the war will not end soon.
Decades have we born the self-made yoke of an ever increasingly tyrannical ruling class of the government elite – and they will not relinquish their power easily or willingly
The fault is ours as must be the solution
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance - and in this, we have failed. We can no longer afford to do so

Again, I ask you – to our posterity, what will we leave?
Diminished freedoms?
A fragmented society where identity politics trumps the good of the citizen?
Crushing legacy expenses – the economic ‘Sins of the Father’ forever born by the children?
American Exceptionalism replaced with a cultural scorn of American Mediocrity?
Do we leave them ‘The Shining City on the Hill’ or a government inspired Katrina trailer park?

The choice is not theirs
The responsibility is ours

Be Vigilant

Demand the freedoms as established in our Constitution
Honor the sacrifice in blood made by those who established and protected it
Leave to our posterity, a nation in which they can be proud

Be Revolutionary

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Midnight in the Garden of Crude and Feeble

Greetings gentle reader. Fear not, I shall use small words for thee – for our overlords and their mouthpieces have spoken…. And verily, we hath been pronounced as meager of intellect.

For you see, we, the ‘great unwashed masses’ must be daft.

We disagree with our Lord, Barack the Merciful and Most Wise.

We…..find fault in his governance…

And this, our overlords cannot abide.

How can they explain our displeasure with our Lord?

How can we not see that he does all of this for us?

Does he not wish to clothe us?

To feed us?

To provide us all with a place to live?

Does he not strive to make sure that the air we breathe is pure?

To protect the land from the evils of the Great Dragon, Capitalism – from despoiling mother Gaiya?

Can we not see that he strives to protect us from the untold harshness of failure – by removing the unreasonable and minuscule chance that we might succeed? To swaddle all of us in the luxury of mediocrity so than none may feel the harshness of nothingness?

Can we not understand that he wishes to remake us into the Glory that is Europe? The Glory of His image as a World Leader – not just the leader of our crude and savage land?

Our Lord and his minions be not pleased.

That we bristle under our compassionate yoke vexes them – and their voices grow bitter.

From the Court Jesters Maher and Behar…

The Pasty one elucidatesWe have Democrats for one reason – to drag the ignorant hillbilly-half of this country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th.” He goes on further to explain “(We) don’t understand the issues. (We) are too stupid. (We) are like a dog. (We) can understand inflection. (We) can understand fear. (We) can understand dominance. (We) don’t understand issues.

Maher’s anger is great, as is the diameter of the stick up his ass….

And then there is the portly, diminutive Jester – who in her rage in describing a citizen wishing to directly challenge the machinery of our Lord, proclaimed ““She’s Going To Hell, This Bitch!”

Our Lord’s proclaimers of the most high word – they too cannot fathom our ignorance. From her perkiness, Katie Couric – bristling in her golden chair at state run media, describing the ‘great unwashed’ to Nina Totenberg, throating from her perch at Nationally Politically Correct Radio that she is ‘very afraid’ of the rumblings of the ignorant peasant class. No, there will be no “Juan-ing” of Nina – our Lord will know clearly where she stands….

And then there are our Lord’s lieutenants… So vast is their befuddlement, so complete is their rage, that the veneer of sanity slips.

He-Who-Looks-Like-Herman-Munster, Vassal Kerry, laments the “period of know-nothingism’’ that plagues our fruited plains

The Skeletal Vassal Pelosi, in fevered ramblings even laments "we haven't really gotten the credit for what we have done."

Verily, even her congressional counterpart Vassal Harry rambles incoherently that his efforts saved the world!

This madness, it is our fault you see. Our ignorance, nay our arrogance fuels this rage. Our intellectual betters deserve our loyalty – they need our praise. Without our undying love, how are they to focus on our betterment? They can ill-afford to be distracted by our discontent.

We must accept our fate as voiceless drones – dependent upon the Golden Apparatus of Government for all of our needs.

We must accept our ignorance and the terrible merciful wisdom of our Lord, his Vassals and their truth-sayers. We are but sheep before them.

We must come to enjoy the taste of government cheese with a spread of soft-tyranny.


On Tuesday, we can rise up and tell the ruling class which orifice they can insert their agenda.

Me, I’ll take the latter.

Cheese gives me gas.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

WWSAD - What Would Saul Alinsky Do?

Well kids, I must apologize. I have been tardy….
Some may refer to me as ‘re-tardy’ (just ask my lovely wife…. gotta love that self-defecating humor)
Weeks have passed since my last foray into the boundless reaches of stupidity that is life under the Obama administration – and it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

I throw myself on the mercy of the viewing public – as stress levels have been high, insanity has reigned with impunity, I exist on a diet of caffeine and fingernails, sleep sounds like something rich people do to amuse themselves and I haven’t showered in days.
Yes, I am a tweaked out zombie with poor hygiene (ok, I kid about the showering… but everything else is essentially spot-on). All I want to do is sit in the recliner and watch some uber-nerdy Science Channel show about parallel universes and how in one of them Obama actually shows his birth certificate…

But no, Barack the Merciful has been so unbelievably, unnervingly, pathetically stupid this week that I am forced to respond. Really, I don’t want to. I could even watch 30 min of Bear Grylls in Worst Case Scenario….
Alas, it is my civic duty to point out that the current resident of1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a complete and utter f*cktard.

You have got to be effing kidding me.

First, the week starts off with the assistant Secretary of State (ooh, being Hillary’s bitch… Bill must be relieved that someone officially has that title for the time being) some uberleft choadwank (who when not occupied with performing amazing acts of hypocritical and wrongheaded stupidity is bringing suit against Donald Rumsfeld for war crimes..) apologizing to China for our terrible human rights record visa-vie….Arizona.
Michael H. Posner…who ‘brought it up early and often’ (ahem) when misrepresenting the Arizona law with the ChiComs… you know, the same regime that has gulags, political prisoners, millions murdered under Mao (say that 3 times fast) and the same country that’ll shoot you in the effing head if you cross the border illegally.
Yeah, that country.
I’m not sure if Posner was trying to work a few billion off of our China debt as he got on his knees and smiled like a donut – or if he just hates America that much. Either way, words like ‘pathetic’ and ‘infuriating’ don’t quite cut it.
Perhaps Barack the Bower has just programmed all of his lackeys to grovel whenever they meet foreigners… just a thought.

But no my friends, it gets worse. Much, much worse – because our illustrious and all caring messiah, Barack the Most High, had yet to take the stage…and he brought company, the president of Mexico…hilarity ensued (and by hilarity, I mean vomitous, enraging, hypocritical stupidity of a heretofore unknown level in America)

‘Mexican president knocks Arizona law from White House lawn’
– to which, one of my friends of Mexican heritage replied ‘I hate it when the words "Mexican" and "lawn" are used in the same sentence!’…I still laugh when I see that…
I digress, mostly because my eyes are crossing with exhaustion and I have to pee…which is too much information…
Anyway…. To illustrate my disgust, allow me to use the following analogy

Could you imagine bringing a guest to your house - who then proceeds to insult your family in the most inanely hypocritical fashion- while you stand by nodding your gynormously large-eared vacuous nugget like a chipmunk on crack?
Then, to top it off - throw a gala event in this person's honor at the very expense of the family he is slandering?
Welcome to the administration of Barack Obama.
May it only last another 2 years.
I wonder, does our president have a little gummie band on his wrist with ‘WWSAD’ on it? (What Would Saul Alinsky Do) –Dear God but this man must hate America.

This is a national embarrassment of the highest order. That the leader of any foreign nation would be permitted to castigate Americans from the White House lawn...? Could you imagine say Ronald Regan or John F. Kennedy’s response to this? They would’ve bitch-slapped the hell out of that whiny little punk and let a coyote smuggle him back across the border.
And when the rank hypocrisy of it all is considered (just take a gander at Mexico’s hearts and flowery immigration laws) the situation gets even more infuriating. Mexico is essentially a 3rd world nation more dangerous than Iraq, hopelessly corrupt and no viable economic infrastructure – whose only hope is to influx our borders with illegal immigrants so they can send back remittances to prop up their broken economy – and what passes for a president (our Demagogue in Chief) allows the leader of this broken land to lecture US? From our own house no less?

Obama has gone from not accepting American exceptionalism to defecating on the laws he has sworn to protect. I honestly didn’t think my opinion of our president could get any lower… but this… is beyond the pale.

Then, the Great Apologizer discusses his idea of 'comprehensive immigration reform'
which essentially consists of…. paying taxes and perhaps a small fine.... then you can live here if you've been flaunting our laws with impunity – as long as you have illegally emigrated to our country through the southern border that is. His speech was sickening, truly.
Obama must obviously think so very little of this country, if citizenship means so little to him. If Ellis Island were still functioned as per a port of entry for legal immigration, I wonder if he would try to close it before or after GITMO?
And then… the coupe de gras
Obama went on to say… ‘We are defined by our bonds, not our borders’ – eg, the president of the United States has no respect for the integrity of the borders of the nation he has been chosen to lead.
Just think about this from a practical standpoint for a moment. How would you react if your neighbor jumped over your fence, swam in your pool, ate your food and while rearranging the furniture more to his liking, hurt himself … and sent you the hospital bill. As we are defined by our bonds of neighborliness and all that, I suppose we shouldn’t mind, right?

One could argue of course, that the above quote was 'taken out of context' and the president is keenly aware of the importance of national sovereignty… but then, one would be wrong.
Given Calderon's complete disregard for our borders and our laws - Obama's speech is both incredibly disturbing and instructive. One need not ‘take it out of context' to see our president wants open borders as badly as he wanted universal healthcare.
He is addressing a man who ENCOURAGES his population to disobey our laws and ignore our sovereignty.
Obama himself has completely characterized Arizona immigration enforcement to the point of lunacy and race baiting.
Obama has ignored repeated requests by states to enforce federal law and / or to help defend the border.
Oh, almost forgot - congressional Democrats cheered Calderon (standing ovation) when he addressed Congress, lecturing us about racial profiling and Arizona law... the sackless bastards cheered him.. (and JFK is madly spinning in his grave)
The context is clear - our president has no respect for our national sovereignty, our culture or our values. He views a strong America as bad for the global community – and the most powerful community organizer in the history of mankind will not rest until he has done what he thinks is best for the global community – the United States be damned.

What the hell did we do to ourselves?
November cannot come soon enough – at least that way he can be legislatively neutered.
Well, I am sure Benedict Arnold will be looking forward to the company some day in Dante’s little eternal vacation home..

What Would Saul Alinsky Do indeed….

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grecian Formula

Somewhere on Olympus, Zeus is weeping.

His once proud subjects –a people of renowned art and culture, founders of the Olympic Games, warriors and philosophers – the stuff of legend and inspiration of the Western World, the very cradle of Democracy… have come to this.

Children. Spoiled, lazy, pathetic, violent children – and their fall now too will become the stuff of legend.

But will we recognize it as a cautionary tale – or will it be relegated to hushed whispers of a boogeyman, a mythical place of no consequence to our own existence.

If our illustrious Celebrity in Chief has his way (and with his dutiful, kneepad wearing media outlets slathering in messianic blind obedience, acquiescently regurgitating his talking points – the chances are about as good as Michael Moore making a 3rd trip around the buffet at the local all-you-can-eat) the insanity in Greece will merely be viewed as a ‘Greek Tragedy’.

Austerity Measures…

Take them away from those who have spent a lifetime suckling at the government teat, and what do you get?


National strikes.


Murder… or was it a sacrifice? Perhaps those bankers were set upon a pyre in order to appease the gods? ‘Bring back our money that we did not earn!’ cried the pathetic masses of Greece ‘Shower us in that which we do not deserve so that we can go back to doing nothing and we shall set bankers, the merchants of greed, ablaze for you! Take pity on us, we cannot be expected to earn our way, for we are fat and lazy! We shall surely die without intercession from the Olympus!’


Pathetic bastards.

Living off of credit cards for decades and then throwing a national hissy fit when they get taken away? Crying, nay DEMANDING, your ‘rich’ uncle (EU or Sam as the case may be) get you a newer, shinier card to continue to feed your habit..

GDP to debt ratio of 114%.. yeah, that’s sustainable… idiots.

Then again, what should we expect?

Haven’t we been browbeaten over ‘European exceptionalism’?

Their ‘enviable’ healthcare system (towards which we are heading, inexorably – unless drastic measures are taken)

Haven’t we been made to envy the European vacation system?

Their ‘compassionate’ welfare state?

So wise, so cultured…. Such utter and complete fecal matter.

But in how much better shape are we I wonder?

How close are we Greece?

There would be some poetic justice to this I suppose. Some tragic symmetry that the birthplace of Democracy and the first nation to implement these ideals on a grand scale could share the same fate..


Our debt to GDP ratio currently stands @84% and climbing like athletic stripper on a pole, thanks largely in part to the ‘fiscal misdemeanors of W. and the multiple felonies of Obama’ (wish I could remember where I saw that quote…).

Under the most rosy of circumstances, our debt to GDP ratio will eclipse the rate in the failed state of Greece by 2018 – at the current rate, 124% by 2013.

We are heavily invested in the maintenance and expansion of the welfare state, entitlement spending and unfunded mandates total in the trillions.

Our ‘Supreme Agitator’ already foments anger towards bankers on a nigh-daily basis in order to push his next abhorrent ‘reform’ package – so when the inevitable crisis comes, all the government fed drones will need do is echo the commentary of Obama as they set fire to financial institutions.. words matter, right Mr. Obama? Or is that mantra only to be used to demonize those who don’t agree with you?

Unemployment ‘benefits’ now equal 99 weeks of paid vacation. 99 weeks… just let that one sink in… In my entire working life, I doubt I have even had 99 days total of vacation – which I suppose may explain why I am such a cranky bastard I suppose… Such a lovely thought though, to know that an ungodly percentage of the fruits of my labor go towards funding such insanity.

Our illustrious Demagogue in Chief has repeatedly insisted that once Americans get used to his ‘healthcare reform’ package, we will learn to love it ( translation ‘once you get hooked on the government teat, you get hooked on the crack of mediocrity). Side note, I always thought the president’s statements to such to be vaguely reminiscent of a schoolyard drug-dealer.. but I digress

So it appears that the ‘Grecian Formula’ an elixir of destruction flavored by stupidity, is alive and well. Bottled and sold by our own president and national political leadership (suck that it is). Yes, we may be the last to fall, the EU will certainly spiral down the toilet of stupidity before we have the opportunity to do so – but make no mistake, we are in cue for the that inevitable journey (unless of course, ‘fiscal responsibility’ becomes more than a campaign slogan to the Republicans – and IF they can regain the levers of power without impaling themselves [and us] in the process).

We do have a chance. While Zeus may turn a blind eye to the pitiable masses of Greece – there is yet still a chance for one Olympian to act.

Atlas may yet shrug.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Nation of Immigrants, A Nation of Laws.... And A Race-Baiting President

So much to rant about, so little time.
That and the fact that there is simply so much ground to cover...

  • There is the absolute monstrosity that is 'financial reform'... a bill so bloated, so mired stupidity and bureaucracy as to have government picking winners and losers, creating a class of institutions as 'too big to fail' as well as granting the government the ability and authority to hire/fire and essentially mandate activity. Certainly not Capitalism as we have come to know and love but more like another Obamanism that we have come to expect and loathe...
  • Then there is the complete and utter failure of the Obama administration (thus far anyway) to do anything at all about the gulf coast environmental disaster. Of course, Obama, Nepalitano and company were far too busy criss-crossing the country in campaign mode browbeating, race-baiting and other largely un-presidential activities visa vie Arizona immigration reform measures than to bother with an ecological disaster...but at least Obama has sent Eric Holder and a team of lawyers to the site... I'm sure that makes the gulf coast natives breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, there are half (or 1/8th hearted) attempts to compare this with the Katrina disaster - a charge Obama vehemently denied.. and then scheduled a fly over between rounds of golf, but i digress
  • As fun as the above 2 would be to rant about (more), I think the ultimate winner of the rant lottery has to be immigration reform, Arizona and the subsequent parade of stupidity and hypocrisy that predictably followed.

The primary (and one of few legitimate) functions of government is the safety of its citizens. As this pertains to border security, the federal government has failed miserably, for several reasons. First is a failure to enforce its own laws. as such, states like Arizona are then forced to do the federal government's job for them and enforce laws that are already on the books. Sadly (and predictably) the left, Democrats in general and the sycophantic, kneepad wearing media has interpreted this action as somehow racist - with comparisons to Nazi Germany and Ethnic Cleansing being bandied about with such passionate, indignant stupidity as to make a thinking person want to vomit. As Andrew McCarthy so beautifully points out, such misrepresentations are willfully ignorant or due to massive stupidity (which effectively describes the standard attack positions in this case... and yes, I am describing you as well Mr. President you big silly.)
I personally find it more than slightly disingenuous and moderately infuriating that the VAST majority of pinheaded whankers complaining about these 'draconian' measures have never been to or lived in a border town. Crime, drugs, violence and fear are daily companions - yet opponents somehow think if we just held hands and sang kumbaya all of these nasty problems would go away (as somehow border town folks obviously bring this upon themselves, being slackjawed racist white trash and all).
Are there POTENTIAL problems visa vie civil liberties with this law? Yes, and it is concerning - as is any potential violation of civil liberties. Let us not forget tho, that police are well trained and given the absolutely crushing amount of pressure they will be under, it is highly unlikely they will be keen on making any decisions that violate the statutes in the new law (which strictly prohibits racial profiling).
and lest I forget, our president is a race-baiting, uncouth leftist sack of poo who has zero respect (if not outright loathing) for police officers. Lest we forget the warm up round of "police acting stupidly" in a case he new nothing about involving his black professor friend being arrested - resulting int the first 'beer summit' in order to smooth over problems created / exacerbated by his own ignorance, but now... it has been taken to a whole new level. In a sorry excuse for a presidential speech - Mr. Obama described how people of Mexican decent, taking their children out for ice cream 'would be harassed'. 'A possibility' he said... I literally screamed at the radio. Mr. Obama may have been a terrific community organizer, but as far as a president, he is an absolute embarrassment - although I'm sure Saul Alinsky would be proud.
In one small statement, he not only undermines trust in and authority of police, but engenders race-baiting, fear and hatred. God help us, but Limbaugh was right when he said race relations would deteriorate with Obama in office... I never would have believed that a president of the United States would act in such a manner. It is truly disgusting.

Sadly, all of this misses the point (if the point is immigration reform and not race-baiting that is).
As much as the Arizona law might be required - it only treats a symptom, not the disease. In this particular instance, we must do more than wield the stick. We must remove the carrot as well - and the answer is simple.

  • Go after businesses that willingly hire illegal immigrants - all of them. Make the penalties hurt. Once the cost of doing business with 'cheap' illegal immigrant labor surpasses the cost of doing business the legal way - businesses will no longer hire illegal immigrants. Oh yeah, and jail terms for the ownership. That would provide quite the incentive. Once the draw is taken away, our problem will be drastically reduced.
  • Somebody could actually read the 14th Amendment and rule on it accordingly. How any thinking person could read the 14th Amendment and conclude that if you squirt out a kid in our borders that that child is entailed to citizenship is baffling. This would take away the anchor for continued immigration of family members (of course, a grandfather clause would need to be in effect - but still, it would significantly help in regards to future influx.
  • Secure the effing border. Seriously how hard can this be to understand. Don't hamsting the border patrol. lots of had things happen in these lawless zones from drug smuggling to human trafficking to terrorist activities visa vie the last 2 things. Here is a newsflash. Mexicans do not want to stay in Mexico. Remittances help keep the Mexican economy (such that it is) going. If we don't physically prevent illegal entry , they will keep coming.. and so will drug smuggling, human trafficking, etc.
  • A functional guest worker program would be a bonus. Then we would know who is in the country- and we would prevent this labor force from being treated as glorified slave labor and prevent the ongoing exploitation of an underclass of our own making (unfortunate side effect of that one is that it would deny the Democrats a powerful voting block, as their party as it is currently situated cannot survive with out an underclass to 'care for' (and by 'care for' I mean to 'repress in the first place and then indignantly cry out that it is the fault of Republicans, racist whitey or the evils of Capitalism. And the Republicans? They might just need to rethink the wisdom of getting into bed with business interests that are willing to turn a blind eye to illegal activity as long as profit margins are high.

Just a few suggestions, but what do I know, right? I'm just a 3rd generation immigrant (on all sides) with a legal immigrant wife and my 2nd generation adopted Mexican daughter... I'm such a racist bastard...

Yes, it is true - we are a country of immigrants.
We are also a country of laws.
The suggestion that these two statements are diametrically opposed, or that somehow belief in the sanctity of the rule of law makes one a racist is flatly wrong, disingenuous and outright stupid.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem. In this, we deserve serious, thoughtful leadership - not a race-baiting, elitist demagogue with a messiah complex.

Friday, April 23, 2010

In Response to Stupidity..

In Response to Stupidity..

Ah FaceBook where would I be without thee?

I would miss so much whiny liberal complaining, misinformation and yes…abject stupidity.

A tenant of Sun Tzu is that one must know their enemy if one is to defeat them – which is really unfortunate, as the mind of the typical liberal is so mired in elitism, emotionalism, delusion and guilt that it makes any meaningful understanding painful if not nauseating.

Tho who am I to deny Sun Tzu..

Damn thee ADD/ADDHD! I yet again, digress.

As the story goes, a friend posted the following: You Might Be a Liberal If…

Admittedly, I thought it was pretty funny and accurate (except for #8 – which only applies to the most lunatic fringe of liberalism).

I will spare you the whiny response and concurrent brilliant response by yours truly (OK, it wasn’t brilliant – but it got the job done).

Unable to compete on the battlefield of ideas, whiny liberal person (WLP) posted, in response, ‘You Might Be A Conservative If’, which I’m sure was pulled from Bill Maher’s website, or perhaps the Huffington Post..

Nauseatingly whiny and generally devoid of humor, it droned on.

I was struck, not only by the nauseatingly whiny, humorless stupidity – but also by the fact that it was nauseatingly whiny and humorlessly stupid … kind of like Rachel Maddow

I will reprint said stupidity – with my responses… because it’s my effing blog

You Might Be A Conservative...
You might be a conservative if...

You think "proletariat" is a type of cheese – only a liberal would start an insult with cheese. Seriously.. And then there is the whole class separation / warfare thing right off the bat. Of course, being a liberal elitist, they wish to establish a sense of intellectual superiority.. instead, they establish only their superiority complex and a love of fancy cheese….
You've named your kids "Deduction one" and "Deduction two." – I will be blunt here. Say that to my face, please. Question my love for my children. I will feed you your fucking teeth.
You've tried to argue that poverty could be abolished if people were just allowed to keep more of their minimum wage – ah yes my liberal friend, because the government can take care of people much better than they can, right? Perhaps if you can’t make it on minimum wage, some training or schooling (self betterment) might be in order? Maybe even a little personal accountability… The free market is the best hope for ending world poverty – not government intervention (and by the by, the convoluted tentacles enmeshed in the free market as it currently stands, effectively hamstrings the market from coming anywhere near that dream.
You've ever referred to someone as "my (insert racial or ethnic minority here) friend" – again, my liberal friend, you flex your stupidity in tremendous fashion. Liberals are the bean counters of friendships, making quotas and affirmative action lists – conservatives just have friends (and if they do categorize as such, then they are douchebags who call themselves conservatives and not true conservatives). Wait a moment while I kiss my brown immigrant wife and brown adopted daughter before I continue writing… you jagoff.
You've ever tried to prove Jesus was a capitalist and opposed to welfare. – Capitalism, socialism. liberalism nor conservatism existed at the time of Christ, you historically ignorant toad. ‘Do unto others’ and ‘teach a man to fish’ work pretty well for me. I also find it slightly disingenuous, that a liberal (who historically has a habit of attacking all things Christianity) would even bring Jesus into an argument…
You're a pro-lifer, but support the death penalty. – What’s your point? Liberals tend to grant more rights to fish, trees and insects than to unborn humans. If being ‘pro life’ is supposed to be an insult, than you are a bigger jackass than I thought. And yes, in a perfect world, devoid of any shadow of a doubt of guilt and or innocence – I’m ok with the death penalty (and something tells me, that if something unspeakable happened to your family, you would want the same… you hypocritical nutsack)
You think Huey Newton is a cookie. – It would’ve been better if he were. What is staggering is that you would even bring him up. Black Panthers have quite a checkered history. Not exactly a peaceful one. Then again, you unmitigated douchebags idolize Che Guerra, so I shouldn't really be surprised.
The only union you support is the Baseball Players, because heck, they're richer than you. – Dear God, you are an idiot. It’s not union members, it’s union leadership (radicalized, statist-leaning, uber-corrupt LEADERSHIP, we have a problem with). And for the record, nutsack, the average union guy makes a better living than most and has better benefits..
You think you might remember laughing once as a kid. – Nice. If anything, liberals are the glum, humorless souls who constantly wail against the inequities of life. And as adults, we laugh all the time, at liberals… you nutsack
You once broke loose at a party and removed your neck tie - stop, you’re killing me with the funnies… Do you even know any conservatives? Silly question.
You call mall rent-a-cops "jack-booted thugs." – a conservative wouldn’t say something that stupid. Strictly the prevue of liberals… ya nutsack
You've ever referred to the moral fiber of something. – your point being? Of course lacking any moral fiber of any kind, you wouldn’t understand. You’re just full of the regular kind – and poopie
You've ever uttered the phrase, "Why don't we just bomb the sons of bitches." – a rather simplistic response and not entirely inaccurate – a comparative liberal response would be ‘why don’t we just hold hands and sing kumbaya
You've ever said, "I can't wait to get into business school." - again, your point being? Business (not government) creates jobs. How else are you going to put the proletariat to work? Nutsack.
You've ever called a secretary or waitress "Tootsie." – you’re an idiot. And living in the 50s. and you’re a nutsack
You answer to "The Man." – see above response, circa 60-70s
You don't think "The Simpsons" is all that funny, but you watch it because that Flanders fellow makes a lot of sense. – everybody thinks the Simpsons are funny. There aren’t enough liberals in America to keep it on the air for that long… nutsack
You fax the FBI a list of "Commies in my Neighborhood." – seriously? What decade are you living in?
You don't let your kids watch Sesame Street because you suspect Bert and Ernie of "sexual deviance." – and, you’re an idiot.
You use any of these terms to describe your wife: Old ball and chain, little woman, old lady, tax credit... – nice, except for the fact that conservative women can and choose to do anything they want – as opposed to liberal women who are vilified for having children. Nutsack.
You scream "Dit-dit-ditto" while making love. – Libs obsess about Limbaugh, we just listen to him. P.S. you have issues.
You've argued that art has a "moral foundation set in Western values." – unlikely a conservative has ever made that argument.
When people say "Marx," you think "Groucho." – would be better for the planet that way. I do so love your feux-intellectualism. Conservatives know Marx better than you do – knowing the enemy and all of that… nutsack.
You've ever yelled, "Hey hippie, get a haircut." - again, what decade? Nustack.
You think Birkenstok was that radical rock concert in 1969. – No. you’re just a douchebag.
You argue that you need 300 handguns, in case a bear ever attacks your home. – no a shotgun would do quite nicely.. and you are an idiot.
Vietnam makes a lot of sense to you. – which part?
You point to Hootie and the Blowfish as evidence of the end of racism in America. – decade.. relevance.. tho having a black (and yes, I say black, or at least partially black) president may prove slightly more instructive, you race baiting douchebag.
You've ever said "civil liberties, schmivil schmiberties." – um.. no. you’re an idiot. Guarantee more conservatives have died protecting them than liberals have tho.
You've ever said "Clean air? Looks clean to me." – again, you’re just an idiot.
You've ever referred to Anita Hill as a "lying bitch" while attending a Bob Packwood fund-raiser. – Unlikely, and you are still a nutsack.
You spent MLK Day reading "The Bell Curve." – and… no.
You've ever called education a luxury. – again, no. not primary anyway. Higher education, yes. But I guess you aren’t talking about business school are you.
You look down through a glass ceiling and chuckle. – the ceiling that persists by your making? Not so much. Free market prevents such things… nutsack.
You wonder if donations to the Pentagon are tax-deductable. - *sigh* Conservatives, by and large, are considerably more generous visa vie charaties than liberals. Look it up. Conservatives also like a strong defense, whereas you like appeasement. Again, you’re an idiot and a nutsack
You came of age in the '60s and don't remember Bob Dylan. – sorry, how old are you again? And everyone knows who Dylan is… idiot.
You own a vehicle with an "Ollie North: American Hero" sticker. – Never seen one. Although the ‘Bush is a war criminal’ sticker is classy.. and irrelevant.. nutsack
You're afraid of the "liberal media." – you’re funny. Liberal media is irritating at best and generally irrelevant. MSNBC is a joke, you’re the ones who get in a tizzy over FOX commentators..
You ever based an argument on the phrase, "Well, tradition dictates...." – never have, but even if I did, what would be the problem? I suppose nothing of relevance ever happened before you were born, right?
You've ever called the National Endowment for the Arts a bunch of pornographers. – only when they have bullwhips up their asses or cover the Virgin Mary in elephant dung.
You think all artists are gay. – not so much, and wouldn’t care if they were.
You ever told a child that Oscar the Grouch "lives in a trash can because he is lazy and doesn't want to contribute to society." – you are a sad and pathetic little man
You've ever urged someone to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, when they don't even have shoes. – again, the conservative is much more likely to give them a pair of shoes, bring them into their house for dinner and then show the how to do it – then expect them to do so. The liberal will force them to rely on government to provide substandard shoes and to hate those who have better shoes than they. Nutsack
You confuse Lenin with Lennon. – one was one of the greatest mass murderers in history, the other, a musician – gunned down by a lunatic. The greater question, why do you idolize Lenin? An instructive way to end this as any I suppose.

To my friends of the SubStandard, I apologize…clearly not my most insightful or relevant work. Sometimes, irritation and lack of sleep gets the best of me…. Nothing that a good night’s sleep wont fix..

Next week, we shall explore the stupidity that is Bill Clinton, or perhaps I shall rant about the farce that is ‘financial reform’.

Remember, next time you come in contact with a Liberal – argue with them. They may not learn anything, but it’s fun to point out their glaring idiocy.