Monday, November 1, 2010

To Ourselves and Our Posterity

Once upon a time, brave and wise men stood up against tyranny. They did not view themselves as revolutionaries but conservatives. They were not demanding new freedoms but only asserting the rights guaranteed to them as Englishmen. And through these struggles, the United States of America was eventually born.

Today, 'conservatives', 'patriots' or whatever label they are branded are in revolt against a different crown - sadly, it is a crown of our own making. A crown that has grown more bloated and corrupt year by year, administration by administration. Not inherently due to a (D) or (R) in front of their name but rather for the underlying (P) - progressivism. The belief that centralization of power is good and that the political/intellectual elite are wiser and better able to deal with our own problems than we - the oft-failed belief that a benevolent dictator is favorable to freedom

Celebrity and charisma is a poor substitute for leadership.
Demagoguery and the politics of division can no longer be allowed to hold sway.
We can ill-afford to 'pull (a lever) and pray' anymore - leaders must be held accountable for actions. Those who gain power by the growth of the machine cannot be trusted to unblinkingly maintain it
The bloated and corrupted apparatus that is government must be restored to the engine of freedom it once was

We wont be hung for treason in the attempt – instead, the IRS will be dispatched upon us
The Crown's army will not march in the streets – but a Legion of bureaucrats and regulators will descend upon us like a plague of locusts stripping us of individual liberties and freedoms - decimating the fruits of our labors
There will be no ‘One if by Land, Two if by Sea’ – now we have ‘One if by Bailout, Two if by Social Programs’

Once our forefathers took a stand to assert their rights as Englishmen
Today, we take as stand to assert our rights as Americans, as established in the Constitution – and as before, not just for ourselves but our posterity.

Ask yourselves, what sort of America will we leave them?
The battle may begin with an election tomorrow – but the war will not end soon.
Decades have we born the self-made yoke of an ever increasingly tyrannical ruling class of the government elite – and they will not relinquish their power easily or willingly
The fault is ours as must be the solution
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance - and in this, we have failed. We can no longer afford to do so

Again, I ask you – to our posterity, what will we leave?
Diminished freedoms?
A fragmented society where identity politics trumps the good of the citizen?
Crushing legacy expenses – the economic ‘Sins of the Father’ forever born by the children?
American Exceptionalism replaced with a cultural scorn of American Mediocrity?
Do we leave them ‘The Shining City on the Hill’ or a government inspired Katrina trailer park?

The choice is not theirs
The responsibility is ours

Be Vigilant

Demand the freedoms as established in our Constitution
Honor the sacrifice in blood made by those who established and protected it
Leave to our posterity, a nation in which they can be proud

Be Revolutionary

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