Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grecian Formula

Somewhere on Olympus, Zeus is weeping.

His once proud subjects –a people of renowned art and culture, founders of the Olympic Games, warriors and philosophers – the stuff of legend and inspiration of the Western World, the very cradle of Democracy… have come to this.

Children. Spoiled, lazy, pathetic, violent children – and their fall now too will become the stuff of legend.

But will we recognize it as a cautionary tale – or will it be relegated to hushed whispers of a boogeyman, a mythical place of no consequence to our own existence.

If our illustrious Celebrity in Chief has his way (and with his dutiful, kneepad wearing media outlets slathering in messianic blind obedience, acquiescently regurgitating his talking points – the chances are about as good as Michael Moore making a 3rd trip around the buffet at the local all-you-can-eat) the insanity in Greece will merely be viewed as a ‘Greek Tragedy’.

Austerity Measures…

Take them away from those who have spent a lifetime suckling at the government teat, and what do you get?


National strikes.


Murder… or was it a sacrifice? Perhaps those bankers were set upon a pyre in order to appease the gods? ‘Bring back our money that we did not earn!’ cried the pathetic masses of Greece ‘Shower us in that which we do not deserve so that we can go back to doing nothing and we shall set bankers, the merchants of greed, ablaze for you! Take pity on us, we cannot be expected to earn our way, for we are fat and lazy! We shall surely die without intercession from the Olympus!’


Pathetic bastards.

Living off of credit cards for decades and then throwing a national hissy fit when they get taken away? Crying, nay DEMANDING, your ‘rich’ uncle (EU or Sam as the case may be) get you a newer, shinier card to continue to feed your habit..

GDP to debt ratio of 114%.. yeah, that’s sustainable… idiots.

Then again, what should we expect?

Haven’t we been browbeaten over ‘European exceptionalism’?

Their ‘enviable’ healthcare system (towards which we are heading, inexorably – unless drastic measures are taken)

Haven’t we been made to envy the European vacation system?

Their ‘compassionate’ welfare state?

So wise, so cultured…. Such utter and complete fecal matter.

But in how much better shape are we I wonder?

How close are we Greece?

There would be some poetic justice to this I suppose. Some tragic symmetry that the birthplace of Democracy and the first nation to implement these ideals on a grand scale could share the same fate..


Our debt to GDP ratio currently stands @84% and climbing like athletic stripper on a pole, thanks largely in part to the ‘fiscal misdemeanors of W. and the multiple felonies of Obama’ (wish I could remember where I saw that quote…).

Under the most rosy of circumstances, our debt to GDP ratio will eclipse the rate in the failed state of Greece by 2018 – at the current rate, 124% by 2013.

We are heavily invested in the maintenance and expansion of the welfare state, entitlement spending and unfunded mandates total in the trillions.

Our ‘Supreme Agitator’ already foments anger towards bankers on a nigh-daily basis in order to push his next abhorrent ‘reform’ package – so when the inevitable crisis comes, all the government fed drones will need do is echo the commentary of Obama as they set fire to financial institutions.. words matter, right Mr. Obama? Or is that mantra only to be used to demonize those who don’t agree with you?

Unemployment ‘benefits’ now equal 99 weeks of paid vacation. 99 weeks… just let that one sink in… In my entire working life, I doubt I have even had 99 days total of vacation – which I suppose may explain why I am such a cranky bastard I suppose… Such a lovely thought though, to know that an ungodly percentage of the fruits of my labor go towards funding such insanity.

Our illustrious Demagogue in Chief has repeatedly insisted that once Americans get used to his ‘healthcare reform’ package, we will learn to love it ( translation ‘once you get hooked on the government teat, you get hooked on the crack of mediocrity). Side note, I always thought the president’s statements to such to be vaguely reminiscent of a schoolyard drug-dealer.. but I digress

So it appears that the ‘Grecian Formula’ an elixir of destruction flavored by stupidity, is alive and well. Bottled and sold by our own president and national political leadership (suck that it is). Yes, we may be the last to fall, the EU will certainly spiral down the toilet of stupidity before we have the opportunity to do so – but make no mistake, we are in cue for the that inevitable journey (unless of course, ‘fiscal responsibility’ becomes more than a campaign slogan to the Republicans – and IF they can regain the levers of power without impaling themselves [and us] in the process).

We do have a chance. While Zeus may turn a blind eye to the pitiable masses of Greece – there is yet still a chance for one Olympian to act.

Atlas may yet shrug.

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