Thursday, May 20, 2010

WWSAD - What Would Saul Alinsky Do?

Well kids, I must apologize. I have been tardy….
Some may refer to me as ‘re-tardy’ (just ask my lovely wife…. gotta love that self-defecating humor)
Weeks have passed since my last foray into the boundless reaches of stupidity that is life under the Obama administration – and it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

I throw myself on the mercy of the viewing public – as stress levels have been high, insanity has reigned with impunity, I exist on a diet of caffeine and fingernails, sleep sounds like something rich people do to amuse themselves and I haven’t showered in days.
Yes, I am a tweaked out zombie with poor hygiene (ok, I kid about the showering… but everything else is essentially spot-on). All I want to do is sit in the recliner and watch some uber-nerdy Science Channel show about parallel universes and how in one of them Obama actually shows his birth certificate…

But no, Barack the Merciful has been so unbelievably, unnervingly, pathetically stupid this week that I am forced to respond. Really, I don’t want to. I could even watch 30 min of Bear Grylls in Worst Case Scenario….
Alas, it is my civic duty to point out that the current resident of1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a complete and utter f*cktard.

You have got to be effing kidding me.

First, the week starts off with the assistant Secretary of State (ooh, being Hillary’s bitch… Bill must be relieved that someone officially has that title for the time being) some uberleft choadwank (who when not occupied with performing amazing acts of hypocritical and wrongheaded stupidity is bringing suit against Donald Rumsfeld for war crimes..) apologizing to China for our terrible human rights record visa-vie….Arizona.
Michael H. Posner…who ‘brought it up early and often’ (ahem) when misrepresenting the Arizona law with the ChiComs… you know, the same regime that has gulags, political prisoners, millions murdered under Mao (say that 3 times fast) and the same country that’ll shoot you in the effing head if you cross the border illegally.
Yeah, that country.
I’m not sure if Posner was trying to work a few billion off of our China debt as he got on his knees and smiled like a donut – or if he just hates America that much. Either way, words like ‘pathetic’ and ‘infuriating’ don’t quite cut it.
Perhaps Barack the Bower has just programmed all of his lackeys to grovel whenever they meet foreigners… just a thought.

But no my friends, it gets worse. Much, much worse – because our illustrious and all caring messiah, Barack the Most High, had yet to take the stage…and he brought company, the president of Mexico…hilarity ensued (and by hilarity, I mean vomitous, enraging, hypocritical stupidity of a heretofore unknown level in America)

‘Mexican president knocks Arizona law from White House lawn’
– to which, one of my friends of Mexican heritage replied ‘I hate it when the words "Mexican" and "lawn" are used in the same sentence!’…I still laugh when I see that…
I digress, mostly because my eyes are crossing with exhaustion and I have to pee…which is too much information…
Anyway…. To illustrate my disgust, allow me to use the following analogy

Could you imagine bringing a guest to your house - who then proceeds to insult your family in the most inanely hypocritical fashion- while you stand by nodding your gynormously large-eared vacuous nugget like a chipmunk on crack?
Then, to top it off - throw a gala event in this person's honor at the very expense of the family he is slandering?
Welcome to the administration of Barack Obama.
May it only last another 2 years.
I wonder, does our president have a little gummie band on his wrist with ‘WWSAD’ on it? (What Would Saul Alinsky Do) –Dear God but this man must hate America.

This is a national embarrassment of the highest order. That the leader of any foreign nation would be permitted to castigate Americans from the White House lawn...? Could you imagine say Ronald Regan or John F. Kennedy’s response to this? They would’ve bitch-slapped the hell out of that whiny little punk and let a coyote smuggle him back across the border.
And when the rank hypocrisy of it all is considered (just take a gander at Mexico’s hearts and flowery immigration laws) the situation gets even more infuriating. Mexico is essentially a 3rd world nation more dangerous than Iraq, hopelessly corrupt and no viable economic infrastructure – whose only hope is to influx our borders with illegal immigrants so they can send back remittances to prop up their broken economy – and what passes for a president (our Demagogue in Chief) allows the leader of this broken land to lecture US? From our own house no less?

Obama has gone from not accepting American exceptionalism to defecating on the laws he has sworn to protect. I honestly didn’t think my opinion of our president could get any lower… but this… is beyond the pale.

Then, the Great Apologizer discusses his idea of 'comprehensive immigration reform'
which essentially consists of…. paying taxes and perhaps a small fine.... then you can live here if you've been flaunting our laws with impunity – as long as you have illegally emigrated to our country through the southern border that is. His speech was sickening, truly.
Obama must obviously think so very little of this country, if citizenship means so little to him. If Ellis Island were still functioned as per a port of entry for legal immigration, I wonder if he would try to close it before or after GITMO?
And then… the coupe de gras
Obama went on to say… ‘We are defined by our bonds, not our borders’ – eg, the president of the United States has no respect for the integrity of the borders of the nation he has been chosen to lead.
Just think about this from a practical standpoint for a moment. How would you react if your neighbor jumped over your fence, swam in your pool, ate your food and while rearranging the furniture more to his liking, hurt himself … and sent you the hospital bill. As we are defined by our bonds of neighborliness and all that, I suppose we shouldn’t mind, right?

One could argue of course, that the above quote was 'taken out of context' and the president is keenly aware of the importance of national sovereignty… but then, one would be wrong.
Given Calderon's complete disregard for our borders and our laws - Obama's speech is both incredibly disturbing and instructive. One need not ‘take it out of context' to see our president wants open borders as badly as he wanted universal healthcare.
He is addressing a man who ENCOURAGES his population to disobey our laws and ignore our sovereignty.
Obama himself has completely characterized Arizona immigration enforcement to the point of lunacy and race baiting.
Obama has ignored repeated requests by states to enforce federal law and / or to help defend the border.
Oh, almost forgot - congressional Democrats cheered Calderon (standing ovation) when he addressed Congress, lecturing us about racial profiling and Arizona law... the sackless bastards cheered him.. (and JFK is madly spinning in his grave)
The context is clear - our president has no respect for our national sovereignty, our culture or our values. He views a strong America as bad for the global community – and the most powerful community organizer in the history of mankind will not rest until he has done what he thinks is best for the global community – the United States be damned.

What the hell did we do to ourselves?
November cannot come soon enough – at least that way he can be legislatively neutered.
Well, I am sure Benedict Arnold will be looking forward to the company some day in Dante’s little eternal vacation home..

What Would Saul Alinsky Do indeed….

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