Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Nation of Immigrants, A Nation of Laws.... And A Race-Baiting President

So much to rant about, so little time.
That and the fact that there is simply so much ground to cover...

  • There is the absolute monstrosity that is 'financial reform'... a bill so bloated, so mired stupidity and bureaucracy as to have government picking winners and losers, creating a class of institutions as 'too big to fail' as well as granting the government the ability and authority to hire/fire and essentially mandate activity. Certainly not Capitalism as we have come to know and love but more like another Obamanism that we have come to expect and loathe...
  • Then there is the complete and utter failure of the Obama administration (thus far anyway) to do anything at all about the gulf coast environmental disaster. Of course, Obama, Nepalitano and company were far too busy criss-crossing the country in campaign mode browbeating, race-baiting and other largely un-presidential activities visa vie Arizona immigration reform measures than to bother with an ecological disaster...but at least Obama has sent Eric Holder and a team of lawyers to the site... I'm sure that makes the gulf coast natives breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, there are half (or 1/8th hearted) attempts to compare this with the Katrina disaster - a charge Obama vehemently denied.. and then scheduled a fly over between rounds of golf, but i digress
  • As fun as the above 2 would be to rant about (more), I think the ultimate winner of the rant lottery has to be immigration reform, Arizona and the subsequent parade of stupidity and hypocrisy that predictably followed.

The primary (and one of few legitimate) functions of government is the safety of its citizens. As this pertains to border security, the federal government has failed miserably, for several reasons. First is a failure to enforce its own laws. as such, states like Arizona are then forced to do the federal government's job for them and enforce laws that are already on the books. Sadly (and predictably) the left, Democrats in general and the sycophantic, kneepad wearing media has interpreted this action as somehow racist - with comparisons to Nazi Germany and Ethnic Cleansing being bandied about with such passionate, indignant stupidity as to make a thinking person want to vomit. As Andrew McCarthy so beautifully points out, such misrepresentations are willfully ignorant or due to massive stupidity (which effectively describes the standard attack positions in this case... and yes, I am describing you as well Mr. President you big silly.)
I personally find it more than slightly disingenuous and moderately infuriating that the VAST majority of pinheaded whankers complaining about these 'draconian' measures have never been to or lived in a border town. Crime, drugs, violence and fear are daily companions - yet opponents somehow think if we just held hands and sang kumbaya all of these nasty problems would go away (as somehow border town folks obviously bring this upon themselves, being slackjawed racist white trash and all).
Are there POTENTIAL problems visa vie civil liberties with this law? Yes, and it is concerning - as is any potential violation of civil liberties. Let us not forget tho, that police are well trained and given the absolutely crushing amount of pressure they will be under, it is highly unlikely they will be keen on making any decisions that violate the statutes in the new law (which strictly prohibits racial profiling).
and lest I forget, our president is a race-baiting, uncouth leftist sack of poo who has zero respect (if not outright loathing) for police officers. Lest we forget the warm up round of "police acting stupidly" in a case he new nothing about involving his black professor friend being arrested - resulting int the first 'beer summit' in order to smooth over problems created / exacerbated by his own ignorance, but now... it has been taken to a whole new level. In a sorry excuse for a presidential speech - Mr. Obama described how people of Mexican decent, taking their children out for ice cream 'would be harassed'. 'A possibility' he said... I literally screamed at the radio. Mr. Obama may have been a terrific community organizer, but as far as a president, he is an absolute embarrassment - although I'm sure Saul Alinsky would be proud.
In one small statement, he not only undermines trust in and authority of police, but engenders race-baiting, fear and hatred. God help us, but Limbaugh was right when he said race relations would deteriorate with Obama in office... I never would have believed that a president of the United States would act in such a manner. It is truly disgusting.

Sadly, all of this misses the point (if the point is immigration reform and not race-baiting that is).
As much as the Arizona law might be required - it only treats a symptom, not the disease. In this particular instance, we must do more than wield the stick. We must remove the carrot as well - and the answer is simple.

  • Go after businesses that willingly hire illegal immigrants - all of them. Make the penalties hurt. Once the cost of doing business with 'cheap' illegal immigrant labor surpasses the cost of doing business the legal way - businesses will no longer hire illegal immigrants. Oh yeah, and jail terms for the ownership. That would provide quite the incentive. Once the draw is taken away, our problem will be drastically reduced.
  • Somebody could actually read the 14th Amendment and rule on it accordingly. How any thinking person could read the 14th Amendment and conclude that if you squirt out a kid in our borders that that child is entailed to citizenship is baffling. This would take away the anchor for continued immigration of family members (of course, a grandfather clause would need to be in effect - but still, it would significantly help in regards to future influx.
  • Secure the effing border. Seriously how hard can this be to understand. Don't hamsting the border patrol. lots of had things happen in these lawless zones from drug smuggling to human trafficking to terrorist activities visa vie the last 2 things. Here is a newsflash. Mexicans do not want to stay in Mexico. Remittances help keep the Mexican economy (such that it is) going. If we don't physically prevent illegal entry , they will keep coming.. and so will drug smuggling, human trafficking, etc.
  • A functional guest worker program would be a bonus. Then we would know who is in the country- and we would prevent this labor force from being treated as glorified slave labor and prevent the ongoing exploitation of an underclass of our own making (unfortunate side effect of that one is that it would deny the Democrats a powerful voting block, as their party as it is currently situated cannot survive with out an underclass to 'care for' (and by 'care for' I mean to 'repress in the first place and then indignantly cry out that it is the fault of Republicans, racist whitey or the evils of Capitalism. And the Republicans? They might just need to rethink the wisdom of getting into bed with business interests that are willing to turn a blind eye to illegal activity as long as profit margins are high.

Just a few suggestions, but what do I know, right? I'm just a 3rd generation immigrant (on all sides) with a legal immigrant wife and my 2nd generation adopted Mexican daughter... I'm such a racist bastard...

Yes, it is true - we are a country of immigrants.
We are also a country of laws.
The suggestion that these two statements are diametrically opposed, or that somehow belief in the sanctity of the rule of law makes one a racist is flatly wrong, disingenuous and outright stupid.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem. In this, we deserve serious, thoughtful leadership - not a race-baiting, elitist demagogue with a messiah complex.

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